The Kinder Than Necessary Project

– Sarah Stadnicki

Kindness is known as a virtue and has been described as the “quality of a state of being kind and treating people with kindness and respect “ (Merrian- Webster). What makes this behavior most recognizable is the genuine concern that is displayed for others. In the months since joining TEAN, the amount of kindness evident in the community is unsurpassable.

It was a simple logical concept: (1). Identify a need in the most vulnerable population (2). Put the request out to the community (3). Wait for a response to fulfill the need. What happened next was unexpected. The community not only answered, but they did so without hesitation. Time and time again we were astonished with how fast the requests were being filled. With social media as our guide, we expanded our reach to as many members of the community as we thought possible. Collaborative efforts formed and grew with strength fed by simple acts of kindness.

On that note, we would like to thank our community who have repeatedly chosen kindness. While we may not be able to reach each and every one of you, we are sure going to try. For now, we will extend a ‘collective handshake’ to those who have chosen to be kinder than necessary. A virtue which may be identified as an individual strength, but ultimately strengthens the community.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” ~Helen Keller

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