Welcome to the Emergency Action Network. For 2022, we have introduced a new system for referrals! We ask that Brunswick school department staff please use our new, in-building referral system by contacting the TEAN point person in your school:

Kate Furbish – Abby Silvio

Harriet Beecher Stowe – Amanda Carson

BJHS – Catherine Nein

BHS – Stacey Vannah

TEAN also welcomes community referrals from social service agencies or from any of our other referring partners. Referrals should be emailed to If you are a Brunswick community member in need of TEAN’s help, please contact your caseworker or school counselor to request a referral on your behalf.

If you are a community member or public school employee looking for information about support services in our area that are outside of TEAN’s scope, the scope, this guide (which is a project of Support Brunswick and not affiliated with TEAN) is a good place to get started.


The Emergency Action Network (TEAN) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation formed by Brunswick community members to help support the children and families in our community. Too many families in our community are struggling to meet their most basic needs. Our goal is to identify those needs and harness the resources of the community to support them.

Our process is simple. As soon as a need is identified in the Brunswick student population we will post the request to our Facebook group of TEAN Allies and ask for help from the community. We typically are asking for a specific item that is needed by one or more of our students. These items are then collected at the superintendent’s office, or via our volunteer network, and discretely distributed to students by school-based administrators.


∴ A local mobile home park lost water as a result of its water wells drying out; many residents were left without drinking water. TEAN responded to the community need by soliciting water from the Poland Spring Water company. The company donated 4 pallets of water that was distributed to the mobile home park residents. TEAN provided a moving truck to transport water to the mobile homes and received volunteer help from the Brunswick fire department, which graciously carried and distributed out the water pallets to the residents. Through TEAN’s connections, and the generosity of the Poland Spring Water company and the Brunswick fire department, an urgent need in the Brunswick community was met.

TEAN through the years has organized a school supply drive, where school supplies: pencils, pens, books, rulers, binders, among other things are donated. These items are then distributed out to students who need them at the beginning of the school year. This is one of the many ways TEAN collaborates with local schools to support children in partnership with the Brunswick community. TEAN also organizes other drives, such as the winter boots and coats drive.

Maggie, one of TEAN’s past board members and nurse, visited a new mom at a local trailer park. Maggie asked this mom if there was anything that she needed, and the mom indicated that she needed a bed for her 10-year-old daughter who had been sleeping on worn out toddler bed mattress. Maggie posted this need to the TEAN allies Facebook page and within a day, a bed, a bed frame, pillows, blankets and linens were donated to TEAN. A local family provided their van to transport the bedroom supplies. The TEAN Board helped in assembling the bed frame for this young girl. TEAN board members, many of whom are mothers, indicated how much joy it brought them as they watched this young girl run into her room to find her very own bed for the first time in her life. The same family that provided the van for transportation of the donation developed an ongoing connection with this family. TEAN is grateful to play a role in facilitating community connections.

TEAN also organized a similar bedroom donation for a family of 10 people. The community donated 6+beds, mattresses and linens, as well as a crib for a 9-month-old baby.

The 2021 TEAN Annual Report is in development. 2019 TEAN Annual Report is available here: TEAN Annual Report 2019