Welcome to The Emergency Action Network

The Emergency Action Network (TEAN) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation formed by Brunswick community members to help support the children and families in our community. Too many families in our community are struggling to meet their most basic needs. Our goal is to identify those needs and harness the resources of the community to support them.


Our process is straightforward. As soon as a need is identified in the student population we will post the need to our Facebook group of TEAN Allies and ask for your help. We typically are asking for a specific thing or things that is needed by one or more of our students. These could include (but aren’t limited to) school supplies, new shoes or clothes, hygiene items, pay as you go cell phone, battery chargers or transportation. These items will be collected at the superintendent’s office and distributed to students discretely by administrators.

This effort arises out of a concern that many school staff and administrators are already reaching into their own pockets repeatedly to provide these items and we believe that as a community this is an easy way to help support our students and schools.

To join our efforts and become a TEAN ally there are two options, if you’re a facebook user simply request to join the group. If you’re a non-FB person, send us an email at  emergencyactionnetwork@gmail.com and say “I’m on board,” and we will add you to the list of community members supporting our efforts. 

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