Our Story

The Emergency Action Network (TEAN) was founded in the summer of 2016 to work to alleviate the aggravations of poverty for children and families in Brunswick. In 2018 TEAN became a 501(c)3 organization. Since then it has greatly expanded its scope from collecting material items to also collecting financial donations. In an era when politics have decimated safety nets for children and families as childhood poverty rises in our state, it has become increasingly necessary for communities to organize and support their most vulnerable members. TEAN is in a unique position to act as an umbrella organizations for community members and other groups working in concert to fill the unmet needs we see everyday in Brunswick. 

            Our Mission

The Emergency Action Network is a nonprofit that harnesses the generosity of community members to meet the immediate needs of our most vulnerable youth. 


Through the dedication of the TEAN board and the generous help of our TEAN allies and community members, we are actively working together to reach these milestones.

Continue to operate the rapid response program through the school system, extending recent improvements in processes and reporting as appropriate.

Expand the TEAN board to support daily operations and increase community engagement. Continue the work to strengthen board practices and formalize fundraising practices to support internal needs. 

Further develop programming to support recent immigrants in Maine. Continue to transition connecting families to their own small personal network.