Wrapping up 2016!

So just to recap…

On October 19th of this year we sent our first email blast to a group of prospective TEAN Allies. Since then we’ve formed a contact list of hundreds of emails and over 560 Facebook members have joined our Facebook group (www.facebook.com/groups/emergencyactionnetwork/).

In the past 2 months we have provided hundreds of items to kids in our school district including shoes, boots, coats, winter accessories, hygiene kits, socks, underwear; household items for multiple families, and a successful holiday gift drive that included providing specific gifts and gift cards for children grades K-12 in the community. Today we took donations from 8 different individual TEAN Allies to a family that needed beds & bedding. So we’ve been firing on all cylinders!

Behind the scenes we’ve also been busy. We’re in the process of filing for 501(3)c non-profit status and we’ll let you know when that’s finalized. Our hope is that by attaining a non-profit status we’ll be able to do a few things we can’t do now. Furthermore it will help us achieve our long term goal which is to grow our model and replicate this idea in other communities. We’ve got a great board of directors that’s been growing and working hard to develop and build our organization.

At TEAN we talk about the importance of collaborating with other organizations already working in this space. To that end we’ve begun to reach out to some organizations in the community so that we can share what we’re doing, learn more about existing programs and ideally collaborate. This, we hope, will ensure that we don’t reinvent the wheel(s) and that we can be more effective and useful to the communities we are serving.

Thank you all for your generosity and support this fall – it’s been a great launch!



{pictured – 12/21/16 delivering beds & bedding sets to a local family}


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