New shoes…

Imagine you are 15, you desperately need new shoes, but you don’t have the money, your family can’t help you and you really don’t want to ask for help. Or winter is coming and you don’t have a warm coat. Our teachers and our staff notice these needs every day.

We know that in our school district we have a population children who aren’t getting their basic needs met. And our teachers, staff and administrators who every day see these needs unmet and frequently step in themselves. We decided that we’re missing an opportunity to help our children and our teachers and staff. So our plan is simple, identify needs, ask the community for help, match donations discretely back to our kids. Email to join the list and you too will have a chance to participate in bringing direct help to our community.

It might be shoes, a backpack, a battery charger for a cell phone, clean socks, or underwear, a winter coat, transportation – whatever it is – many hands make light work.


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