Start a TEAN in Your Community!

Our hope is that the model we have created for TEAN can be reproduced by other communities. We incorporated as a nonprofit in part because we have a desire for TEAN, as an organization, to have a greater reach outside of the local Brunswick community.

We believe that this model, in which a group of people comes together to identify and organize the needs of a community, has the potential to be shared broadly and be easily replicated around the country.

First Steps

Find a small group of other leaders who will help you organize in your community. Our model has relied on cooperation with our school district.

Reach out to school nurses, principals and central office administrators to find our if they are willing to collaborate with your group. In order to preserve the privacy of children and families receiving donations, the school department is in a good position to collect goods and services on their behalf and ensure that they get to their intended recipients.

Start talking to parents and friends in your community to see if they would be willing to join the group and support children and families in need.

Contact Us

If you plan to start an emergency action network in your town, and would like to talk with our team to have an in-depth discussion about jumpstarting this model, please fill out the form below. We do not think you need to form a nonprofit to start or run an emergency action network in your community, rather we believe that it can be done through social media and with the generosity of your local community members and allies.